Demo Now Available

Download a demo of our upcoming Hot Air Balloon Experience. Navigate your hot air balloon above a picturesque mountain lake while AI players do the same. Ride the air currents to travel in different directions. Activate your burners to climb above the clouds, or open the top vent to descend to the lake–but don’t fall in!

Supports the Oculus Rift DK2 in Direct or Extended Mode.


  • Pilot the hot air balloon either seated or standing
  • Explore a large, highly-detailed mountain landscape
  • Air Balloons are modeled on real physics — this is the closest you’ll come to piloting a hot air balloon without actually stepping inside one
  • Various quality settings to help tune the game to your machine


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Features Coming Soon

  • More maps — going well beyond the mundane (send us your map suggestions via the mail icon in the lower right of the page)
  • War mode — for those who want a more intense experience. Gentlemen, ready your cannons
  • HTC Vive support — control the burner and vent directly with your hands, and walk around the entire basket with perfect motion tracking

Setup Instructions

  • ​Unzip the provided file.
  • Run AirBalloon.exe in the main folder
  • Wear your DK2
  • On the start screen, look at an option, such as “Instructions,” and press Spacebar to select it (note: if you press Spacebar while the Oculus Health and Safety Warning is displayed, you may inadvertently choose one of the options — it is recommended that you select another key to dismiss the warning).
  • After reading the instructions, choose “Start Game.” If the Framerate seems poor (ie: the screen judders when you look around), press escape and return to the Main Menu. Look at the Quality Settings option and press spacebar, and move the Shadows and Foliage settings to Low. Then return to the main menu and try again.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Oculus Rift DK2
  • Intel Core i7 or Better
  • Windows 7 (Untested on earlier operating systems)
  • 8 GB System RAM
  • 2 GB Video RAM
  • 2 GB Disk Space

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